Chances are that the leather paints might be too thick. If you are worried and feel concerned about the thickness of the paint, perhaps you haven’t heard about paint additives.

Paint additives are used for making a leather paint become lighter. They prevent a lot of problems when painting. Specifically, if you want to paint with a soft air brush, normal leather paint will be too thick for the brush, causing you to work rigorously to achieve a poor result. So we have done the job to make things easy for you.

We have made the best pain additives to help you achieve a level of consistency you desire in your painting. The leather paint will flow freely after adding soft additives, and you will be able to produce more perfect painted surfaces.

We have done the job. Trust our paint additives and make your painted leather turn brighter. They are of different kinds and effects. With the duller, you can lower the glossy appearance of some of the leather. And if you are concerned about the softness of your leather, use the soft additives and worry no more. The hard additives are used for making acrylic paints to adhere better to the hard surface. And we have them all.

And like all our products, our additives are specially formulated for your leather paints. They are made of quality ingredients, and they work like magic. If the additives are used properly, the result will blow your mind literally. We have put in the effort to make that possible. Here is a tip: ensure the surface is a non-porous one before you start applying the paint with your brush. The perfect, flawless appearance is certain.

Get our paint additives. If you ever show the final look on your furniture to your friends, they will want to have the same quality. Nevertheless, the beauty will not fade away too quickly. It will remain polished and shiny for a long time. Thin or thicken or alter the paint’s consistency as you wish and maintain its quality.