Leather paints are meant to change, recolour and revitalize the appearance of a leather surface. Looking at this product from the perspective of a user, it is made to make a dull leather look new. But looking at it from a manufacturer’s view, it is a piece of well-crafted substance, diligently made to change the colour of a leather surface, plus it must not be toxic or too expensive that it is only available to a few. At least, that’s what we think as a brand.

While making our product, we focus on quality and keep user’s safety and cost in the front of the production hall, that when we look up we can see it. If we mix any of the three – quality, cost and safety – we have failed personally.

Our leather paints have gone of the store into the world to prove it. The paint is flexible and water-based, flexible because you can use it on many types of leather surfaces and expect the same quality across all the surfaces. And if you want to play creative, you can mix the colours and see how easily the paints will turn new and beautiful colours. This is only necessary if you love being creative or you are not satisfied with the many available colours. There are many to make your eyes run wild.

They are a good mix when combined with other products. In case, you want to mix our leather paints with other additives or thinners, our paints are always welcoming. This is important if you are thinking of influencing the thickness of the paint. This characteristic is important if you will be using an airbrush to apply the paint and you don’t want it to clog.

You already have your leather shoe and your brush on the table. You are rushing too far ahead. First, you need to turn on your phone and order our leather paints.

If you have questions about our leather paints, you can talk to us through our customer services. More than asking questions, we believe you will be congratulating house for a good job. Get our leather paints.