How to rock your shoes

Shoes are not just to protect your feet. Of course, this is important, but the bigger picture is how they complement your dressing. You wear the best suit and put on a good smile when you walk. But if you don’t wear clean, smart and polished shoes, you have ruined the whole thing.

To that, you have to take those three things into consideration before you choose the shoe to wear: clean, smart and polished. If you don’t know, the opposite sex can describe your attention to detail and your dress sense by looking at your feet. You would have done the first part when you buy the shoe. You will choose the one with the best appearance on the shelf and which match your type of dress. That done, cleaning and polishing will follow.

So let’s start.

Clean your shoes

  • If the shoes are new, there is nothing much to do than wearing them and asking a friend to help if the shoes are perfect with your dress.

  • For a dirty shoe, first, you need to clean it. You will need shoe polish, a clean rag, a horse buffing brush, welt brush, shoe polish, and some water.

  • The most important of all the things needed is shoe polish. You should be careful when choosing the polish because it is the only determinant of the shoe’s final look. Generally, shoe polish can be wax or cream. Cream polishes are recommended if you want the more moisturizing effect and less shine. Wax polishes are shinier than cream, protective to the leather and close off scuff if there is any. Make sure the colour of the polish is as close to the colour of the leather as possible.

  • Choose quality polish from the best company around and you will not regret using the product. It will transform your shoe’s leather and make it durable.

  • Put all the materials for cleaning in front of you, arranged them together in one place with the shoe.

  • Lose the laces and remove them

  • Put stuff inside the shoes to make them hard and filled so that they will be easy to work on. You can use paper or cloth to fill the inside.

  • Use a dry brush to clean the surface of the shoe. Give this step maximum attention because there should be no dirt on the leather surface that can mess the appearance when you finally apply the polish.

  • Put some polishes on a dab clothe and rub it slowly and in a circle over the shoe. Continue doing this cleaning – add another fresh polish, clean in a circular motion – until you have cleaned both shoe surfaces.

  • With the welt brush (you can use a tooth brush), clean the heels of the shoes. Apply some polish on the brush and clean.

  • Buff the shoe. Use the horse buffing brush to clean the polished surface of the shoe. Do this in quick and repeated movement on the surface.

  • You will see a beautiful and shinny appearance. But that is not the end.

  • Use the clean rag to clean off left over wax that could stain your hands. Do this to the whole surface of the shoe.

  • Wipe off with water and polish. Put a finger in some water and let it drop on your shoe. Apply some polish on the polishing cloth and, in a small circular movement, rub it over the little drop of water. Ensure you repeat the process and cover the whole surface of the shoe.

  • You can do the above step all over again if you wish. It will make the surface appear brighter.

  • Allow the shoe to dry and return the laces into their places.

  • When they have dried, rock your shoe with a dress that matches. You can rely on the advice of a friend in finding a perfect dress or a suit that really matches.

Now go. Rock your shoe. They won’t stop staring at your feet.